Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is Instago and how does it work?

How does the Instago create a website?

Does the Instago match the templates to the theme of the business?

What does the prompt and template that AI will create depend on?

How Instago can support me in my business?

What are the main benefits of using Instago compared to traditional methods of creating websites?

Is Instago a CMS or does it work on a template basis?

What is the difference between a local domain and custom domain?

What domains are available on Instago?

How can I buy a domain on Instago?

How to publish a page and hook up a domain?

Will I be able to create an email address with my website/domain name?

Can I edit the source code of a page after it is created?

How to edit a page after it has been created?

Can I customize the design of the website after it is created?

Can I import my own content and media into the website design?

Can I upload photos and video?

How are you handling the security issues?

What is Instago's database of images based on, do I have 100% confidence that they won't break copyright?

Does the Instago offer search engine optimization (SEO) tools?

Is it possible to integrate external tools and services?

Will Instago always use the latest version of artificial intelligence?

What languages does Instago support?

What payment method do you accept?

What about technical support?

Can they create several pages at once?

The editor doesn't work, I can't change the text. What to do?

I can't add my social media. How to do it?

I can't remove some social media icons. How to do it?

I can't upload my photos to the site. How to do it?

Instago didn't create the website fully. Can I re-create it?